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This Christmas

December 17, 2015

This Christmas-1Hi! This post is coming to you from my couch as I eat a delicious mango cheek and listen to Destiny’s Child’s Christmas album. I am also eagerly waiting to see if I come off the waitlist to see Jimmy Fallon next month when I am in NYC. Pls pray for me. 

So, Christmas! It’s just over a week away and I thought I would share what I’ll be doing. Who am I kidding? What I’m eating. 

Christmas Eve Eve

I’ll arrive at my sister’s place near Byron Bay after a long drive from Sydney with my brother. I’ll do the grocery shopping because: control freak. Then us siblings are hitting the town. Maybe St Elmo?

Christmas Eve

We will decorate an IKEA Gingerbread House because I am a bit lazy when it comes to cookies. I’ll also begin brining the turkey. I use Nigella’s recipe after my friend Grace told me about it last year- so killer!

Then it’s off to the local retirement village ’cause old people know their shit when it comes to Christmas lights. My niece and nephew will go to bed and I plan on doing one final elf on the shelf and probably make some dough for these cinnamon scrolls. 

Christmas Day

I’d say we will be up at about 5.17am. Last year we woke up to my nephew crying because there was no chocolate in the advent calendar. DUDE, LOOK UNDER TREE. 

I’ll bake the scrolls and prepare the rest of breakfast. We will have fruit, eggs, ham, smoked salmon {I might cure some, actually. I like the look of this recipe!}.

The turkey will go on late morning and we will probably head to the beach for a swim before a late Christmas lunch. 

So, what’s on the big menu?

Fresh prawns and Tetsuya’s (sweet/soy/ginger) oysters with Champagne to start

The bird
Fennel Salt Pork Belly
Cold Ham
A delicious herby, apple slaw that Sally made for Christmas lunch (image above!)
Crispy AS potatoes
Peach/mozz/basil situation

I’m actually in a side dish shortage. Do you have any suggestions? HELP! Maybe these sweet potatoes?

Pumpkin pie with double cream
Deconstructed pavlova (for the dairy intolerant!)

I’ll head home a couple of days after Christmas to get ready for my holiday!!! The playlist below will be on repeat from probs tomorrow until Christmas Day. Then I’ll be done. Except for that Destiny’s Child Christmas album, that be playing forever!


12 thoughts on “This Christmas

  1. Melissa

    I’m having trouble deciding my side dishes also. The herby Apple slaw sounds good, would be great for the hot christmas day predicted. Perhaps I could be cheeky & ask for the recipe? 🙂

    1. erinmadethis Post author

      I can sort of remember. It was shaved chinese cabbage, apple batons, leaves of mint, coriander and thai basil and the dressing was a pickle. So, sugar, vinegar and salt!!

  2. Angela - Patisserie Makes Perfect

    Sounds like you have an amazing Christmas planned. The closest I’ll get to a swim on Christmas day is probably getting caught in the rain travelling to family 🙂

    Have a great Christmas Erin and enjoy New York – I’m so jealous, it’s on my bucket list! xxx

  3. merilyn

    thanks erin!
    all good and always get a giggle with your quirky sense of humour hun!
    i’m thinking deconstructed pav too as I have desert duty! … it has to travel well!
    loving your menu! … we go to my sister’s and she cooks a modern take on a traditional
    lunch! … enjoy your time off and a merry Christmas with your family in that lovely region of Australia!
    much love m:)X

  4. Trish

    my cookbook has a shit tonne of sides. If i can manage how to bloody get one for you, I will!!!! Menu sounds amaze. We will be enjoying the Christmas feast of beans (because cookbooks aren’t cheap to produce – lol)

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