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Sourdough Waffles (+ WTF to do with sourdough starter!)

October 12, 2016


I’m back! With waffles! 

It feels nice to have a bit of energy to share this recipe with you. I won’t lie, it’s been a hard few months, and in all honesty it seems to be getting harder. 

I lost my dad just over a month ago. It’s as shocking as ever and feels like just yesterday he was here. I can still hear his pocket of change jiggling, smell his washing powder and actually see him sitting in his favourite Hawaiian shirt with a beer in his hand. The nostalgia I have for him is achingly painful and those memories feel like they were lived in another life. 

The day to day life is getting easier to live, but the grief is getting louder. My favourite pain mantra helps to get me through; this is a moment of pain, pain is a part of life, I wish myself peace. Other nice things keeping me grounded are being back teaching, nice times with my incredibly supportive friends, my brother, Solange’s new album and baking. 

More specifically, sourdough baking. The process is at least 24 hours long and forces me to be slow and pay attention. I am not allowed to let busyness drown out the process and I have to be present.

It is also forcing me to work out WTF to do with all that leftover sourdough starter. I have made waffles with the left overs a few times now but have decided I have finally NAILED the recipe. This level of success just had to be shared.

Could I suggest that you perhaps make these other delicious things with your left over starter? 

Oh, and if you aren’t baking sourdough yet, I whole heartedly encourage you to get started with Clare!

sourdough-waffles-erin-made-this-5 sourdough-waffles-erin-made-this-4

Sourdough Waffles
Serves 8
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
20 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
20 min
  1. 1 1/2 cups of fed and bubbly 100% hydration sourdough starter
  2. 1 tbsp caster sugar
  3. 1 large egg
  4. 4 tbsp plain flour
  5. 1 tsp baking powder
  6. 1/4 tsp baking soda
  7. pinch salt
  8. 30g unsalted butter, melted
  1. Add egg to sourdough starter and whisk until combined.
  2. Add flour, sugar, salt, butter and baking powder and soda and continue to whisk.
  3. Cook batter using 1/3 cup measure in your waffle iron according to device instructions.
  4. Serve (preferably with lemon butter!)
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5 thoughts on “Sourdough Waffles (+ WTF to do with sourdough starter!)

  1. Justine

    Erin, such a beautiful entry. I’m so sorry to hear of your news. This is the first time reading your blog, I’ve always just followed you on Instagram, but I loved your story, and how you express yourself. You have a wonderful way with words. Hopefully baking, & blogging is something that will help to heal your sadness.

    Now I am going to go back and read from the start 😉


  2. merilyn

    so sorry erin! a virtual hug for you!
    grieving is a process and is definitely better out than in!
    it rocked me to my core when my mother died of cancer! … especially hard when they suffer too.
    yes keeping busy and healing through the process is helpful for your wellbeing.
    those waffles look like and art piece hun! they look soo beautiful!
    I have seen a pizza made with sour dough!
    endless possibilities!
    throw yourself into creativity!
    much love m:)X

  3. Ruby & Cake

    Really pleased to see you back Erin with another beautifully shot recipe. Sourdough waffles sound like a dream.
    I am so sorry for all that you have lost this year, he sounds like an awesome fella.

  4. Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Gosh it’s good to see you back on my socials and here on the blog. Sometimes there just are no words, and your pain and grief is so achinly beautiful that to diminish them with ‘words’ feels like a crime. I love you Erin and all that you do. You have to go through it to get ‘through it’…and you will xxx


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