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Pistachio Cake with Rosewater Buttercream

May 30, 2017

I’m no longer living out of a suitcase! I mean sure, the contents of my suitcase is on my bedroom floor, but I’m home! I was sent away for some training for work the last couple of weeks and also went on school camp {where I ate my annual bowl of Just Right}, but i’m back! All of this time away has had me a bit frazzled and missing being a sourdough mumma, but I guess that badgering meeting Richard Wilkins in the bar of Rydges Campbelltown after a long week of training kind of made it all worth it. 

These rude interruptions to my schedule also had me stinging to get baking this past weekend and boy did I ever! Saturday was for earl grey custard doughnuts with my bestie and Sunday was for this cake for said bestie’s thirtieth next weekend. 

Yes that’s right, my first thirtieth birthday cake! Of course it had to be a pistachio cake with rosewater buttercream. All decoration inspiration cred goes to the incredible Buttercream Bakery whom I only recently discovered and will covet forever and a day.

For this cake, I used double my pistachio cake recipe  and The Whisk Kid’s Italian meringue buttercream recipe with 2 teaspoons of rosewater and some food dye. The cake batter was divided over three lined six inch tins and baked at 170 degrees celsius for 50 minutes or until the centre is cooked.

I only used two of the 3 cakes in the cake you see here but had more than enough frosting to do all three. Simply fill the layers with the frosting, chill, then frost all over. I’ll be using all 3 cakes when I make the cake again for Saturday. On the top of the cake is a couple of figs cut into eighths and some piped buttercream. Plus some gold leaf because, hello, MY GURL IS THIRTY! 

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