Macrame Plant Hangers

April 13, 2015


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I am trying to start a thing. I guess it’s not a new thing, but it’s definitely new to my friends. I want to have crafternoons. Consistently. Where we all catch up, make something rad, probably drink cocktails, then hopefully watch Girls or Spiceworld The Movie.

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The first of these crafternoons happened over Easter and the craft was Macrame Plant Hangers. I’ve been making them for a while but back when I made my first, I found it super hard to find a tutorial. So I think the internet will benefit from this post. You’re welcome.

As a side note, don’t invite friends who think they know better and stray from the instructions.  There will be lots of untying of knots. I’m talking about you, Isabelle.

You need

  • String or twine- I used kitchen string and garden twine. But I have also used brickies line in the past. Fabric scraps would work too
  • Wooden beads if you fancy
  • A small terracotta pot


  1. Cut your twine into either 8 or 16, metre long lengths. They can be longer if you like. If you’re working with a thinner twine, 16 is best. if it’s thick 8 will be fine.
  2. Tie a knot to secure all 8 strands. Add a bead then tie another knot to secure it of you like.
  3. Divide the 8 strands into 4 groups of two. If you are working with 16, 4 groups of 4.
  4. In each group, about 5cm down the strands, tie a knot.

PicMonkey Collage

5. Now split each group in two and tie with one {or two} strands from the group next to it. You will see a net form.

Macrame Plant Hangers-10

6. Do this all the way around and you will have created a net for your pot to sit in.

7. Place your pot in and tie the strands together at the top. You could add a bead here too.

Macrame Plant Hangers-13Macrame Plant Hangers-11

Macrame Plant Hangers-15

Do you macrame? Or have you?

20 thoughts on “Macrame Plant Hangers


  2. Serena

    Not going to lie… you are my new favourite blogger!! I wish I had friends in the same country as me for crafternoons!! How cute!! (I have made similar macrame pot holders except I used shit loads of crochet cotton and turned them into little lanterns with glass gars and tealights instead of pot plants)

  3. Carly

    Okay so these actually are easy peasy. As you know I have a long history of crafty/cooking “attempts.” Sat in the sun this arvo and nailed this with supplies I found in the bottom Xx

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