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Join me for a Naked Cake Workshop!

April 21, 2016

Naked cake-2I’m so excited I could squeal you guys. 

You know how I have been making some cakes on this blog for a while? Well a couple (no lie, two) actual people asked if I would ever be running any classes to teach people about these cakes.

I was all “Girl, that is my actual job. Come to my school and sit in a lesson with a bunch on stinky teenagers”.

I didn’t actually say that. I was more: Me? Could I? Should I? Ummm, OK. I will.

And here I am, offering up an afternoon workshop to make one of these here naked cakes. They are all the rage and you definitely need to know how to make one, OK?

You will get to construct and decorate your very own cake, eat some other cake and cheese and wine and more cheese. Then, if you fancy, I can help you style and photograph your cake then you will go home because I will have a lot of cleaning to do.

Luckily, my best friend Kim will be there on the day to help me and do approx. 87% of the dishes while I lovingly *dispose* of leftover cake. Only fitting seeing it’ll be at her lovely Blue Mountains home.

I don’t want to beg, but, please come? If you don’t, imagine me sitting alone with 8 naked cakes and no one to share them with.

You can get all the details and book via credit card or paypal here.

Hope to see you there!

Erin xx


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11 thoughts on “Join me for a Naked Cake Workshop!

  1. Hannah | The Swirling Spoon

    Oh my gosh!!! This is so exciting Erin! Congratulations! I really want to come but I’m already flying from Bne to Newcastle already literally the weekend after! Imma quickly look at flights… I don’t want to miss this, why don’t I live near Sydney or the Blue Mountains, booo


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