How to Make Pour Over Drip Coffee

June 17, 2015

How to make Pour Over Drip Coffee - erinmadethis-18

This is a sponsored post for Di Bella Coffee

My friend Grace says that you know if you’re in the next up and coming suburb if it has single origin coffee, sourdough bread and a Lorna Jane. Unfortunately, my suburb has none of these. I don’t really care for the over priced sportswear, but girlfriend NEEDS sourdough and coffee.

This would mean that I would drive out of my way to get good coffee before work. Not every day though, because I’d share this task with my colleagues. Until they all decided to have kids and left me on my own.

The solo coffee runs became a little bit ridiculous, so I changed my coffee routine after reading lots about pour over drip coffee. I gave it a go and I loved the flavour and now I have one every morning before work. It’s the favourite part of my day.

When Di Bella Coffee wanted to give me some single origin coffee to develop a recipe for them, I instantly knew I wanted to share how I make my pour over drip coffee.

Why? Well, it took me a long time to really nail it. I have also cut some corners that I don’t think make a difference to the end result, too.

You will need

How to make Pour Over Drip Coffee

  • 20-30g of Medium ground coffee, suitable for pour over coffee. {I used this}
  • Boiling water either from a tea pot or kettle {you could get fancy and use one of these}
  • Paper filter and a filter cup
  • Your favourite mug

Now do this

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1. Insert the filter inside the filter cup, place on top of your mug and spoon in your coffee. You could use scales here but over time you will get to know that 20-30g of coffee looks like. I like 20g for 300mL of coffee.

2. Begin by “wetting” the grounds. Start pouring in the centre and circle the cup until you reach the outer edge. Nice and quick, you’re not filling the cup, you’re just saturating the grounds. Allow the water to drip through.


3. Now you’re ready for the first pour over. Start in the middle and circle until you reach the outside. This time though, you’re filling the entire cup. Again, you could weigh this by aiming for 100g of water but I have found one full filter cup is about 150mL. Allow the water to filter through.

4. Repeat to get about 300mL of coffee. I find it to be the perfect strength for me, but you might be different.

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5. Save the leftover grounds for a body scrub. I just mix it with coconut oil. Your shower has never smelt so good!

P.S. If you are partial to a spicy drink, I am dying to try this!

Tell me about your coffee {or tea!} routine!

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