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7 Freezer Friendly Recipes for new Mamas {and others!}

September 16, 2014

7 Freezer Friendly Meals | erinmadethis

This past weekend I made a visit to my sister who lives just outside Byron Bay. She is a couple of weeks away from having her second baby, a little girl, and it’s safe to say the to-do list for the weekend was not empty. We made the final touches on the nursery, had a little baby blessing and of course we cooked. Well, I cooked. A lot.

7 Freezer Friendly Meals for Mamas | erinmadethis 7 Freezer Friendly Meals for Mamas | erinmadethis

I cooked a freezer full of food when she had my nephew a few years ago and I wanted to do the same this time too. I obviously love cooking, but cooking and gifting food to others is an act I truly cherish. I’ll usually make a cake, quiche or galette when a friend has a baby. Something that can be eaten straight away {usually} or frozen for later {rarely}.

However, cooking food as a gift doesn’t really need a reason like a new baby. I like to do it just because I can. It feels nice to have helped someone out, even just for a night. Especially with nourishing, good-for-the-soul food. And even better when the food can be chucked in the freezer. I’ve listed below 7 freezer friendly recipes that I cooked for my sister. Whole, simple and nutritious foods that are perfect for freezing and even more perfect for new mamas. I’ve cooked and frozen all of these recipes before, so they are definitely tried and tested.

  1. Fat Mum Slim’s Breastfeeding Biscuits– I added some cacao and walnuts, reduced the sugar a bit, used plain and coconut flour and used 50/50 butter and coconut oil. A fab and no fuss idea from the hilarious Katie180. I rolled the dough into a log, wrapped in baking paper and put it in the freezer. When my sister is in a cookie emergency {I’d imagine this to be daily} it’s a preheat oven, cut slice of cookie, bake then scoff type of situation.
  2. My Chai Banana Bread. Cut, cling wrapped and frozen.
  3. This Coconut Curry Soup from The Traveler’s Lunchbox – I used red lentils because that’s all I had but have made it before with green and it was an instant favourite!
  4. Pumpkin Soup- I just peel half a pumpkin, an onion and drown it in veggie stock. Then boil and blend. Bam!
  5. Vegetarian Lasagne– This is cooked in the crock pot. Such a revelation. Then into containers to freeze.
  6. Sweet potato Shepard’s Pie via Souvlaki for the Soul.
  7. This lovely Lamb Tagine from The Delectable Dish

What do you like to cook and gift to others? Have you got any great freezer recipes?

12 thoughts on “7 Freezer Friendly Recipes for new Mamas {and others!}

  1. Bec

    My favourite thing is to invite my friends over for dinnet and just wine and dine them! They usually expect a good feed but I love making delicious meals, cheese platters, having good tunes on and candles and fairy lights. I read an article on ‘how to host a good dinner party’ and a few tips (like background music and nice lighting) have stuck with me.

    THIS however; looks amazing. Good work on creating such a bach of food and yay, new baby! Bec x

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  3. laurasmess

    Oh my gosh. This is such a good resource for both new mamas and friends who are generally in need of a food boost (I’m thinking stressed, sick, generally discouraged, that kind of thing!). Definitely going to try your chai banana bread and that cookie log (i’ve never made a frozen cookie dough to slice off and cook, that is a revelation to me). Great post Erin, I know I’m way after you posted this but i guess that’s the pleasure of being a ‘latecomer’ to an awesome blog! 🙂 xx


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