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Say Hello to Erika Rax + Make A Lychee Cucumber Slushie

January 22, 2015

Lychee and Cucumber Slushie-2

You guys. I am so excited I could scream/drink an entire Lychee Cucumber Slushie. Say Hello is the first of an ongoing series where I interview my favourite creative bloggers and make something from their blog. First up, the lovely Erika Raxworthy is here to tell us a bit about herself. I actually got to hang with Erika in REAL life on Tuesday and she is as every bit as lovely/hilarious as she is on her blog. She is one of my favourite instagrammers and her blog, Erika Rax, is totally inspiring. It is a must read. I’ve made us some of Erika’s Lychee and Cucumber Slushies and given you her recipe below. Read, drink and enjoy!

Hello Erika, currently you are:
Reading: The Children of Men
Watching: The Great British Bake Off
Listening to: the Seanwes podcast
Eating: veggies and pretending it’s pizza
Making: over a tiny part of my parent’s backyard!

You’re a photographer/blogger/ top chick. How did these things come to be? And is there anything you can’t do?
In a nutshell, I studied graphic design at uni, found out I hated working for other people, quit my job, and started taking on any freelance gigs I could get. These days, those jobs are mostly photography and styling jobs which I’m really enjoying (most days). Oh and somewhere in between I started a blog, and miraculously stuck with it! Oh and believe me, there’s plenty I can’t do! Like most things that require any kind of coordination.

Your Instagram is totally stalker-worthy. Be honest. How many photos do you actually take a day?
Ha thank you! For each photo that I post on Instagram, there are approximately 821 others on my camera roll.

No I’m not stalking you, but I do know that you don’t know what you want to do when you grow up, tell me, what are the options?
Oooh well I’ve always wanted to run a little BnB or be a pastry chef or a florist or homewares designer. I hope I get to become all those things at some point.

You like succulents. So do I. I learnt to propagate them via pinterest. What’s the best thing pinterest has taught you?
Yay for succulents! And Pinterest! I’m working on a little backyard project at my parent’s house at the moment so have been learning all about pallet decks and succulent wall art and tree stump stools.

Have you always been a creative type? Or is your DIY prowess something you nurtured as you got older?
My parent’s are total DIY nuts – for example, my mum has been known to wake up in the morning, decide she hates all her clothes and sew a new blouse to wear for work that morning. They have also renovated every house we lived in by themselves. So I’d say the DIY thing is part of my DNA!

Creativity can be a constant struggle. What do you do when creativity strikes? And when it won’t? How do you nurture your creativity?
I think the best thing to do to keep your creative juices flowing (for lack of a more creative phrase!) is to just mix it up as much as possible. Plant a succulent, bake brownies, take photos with a different camera than you usually do, mess around with watercolours, do a random search on Pinterest, go for a walk and pick your neighbours’ flowers, watch some Attenborough, go have coffee somewhere new.
The other thing I love to do to keep nurturing creativity is documenting and journaling. Instagram and blogging are both extensions of this.

You moved to Australia from South Africa when you were a teenager. What do you miss the most from your hometown? If I was going to South Africa tomorrow what would you tell me to eat and see?
The food! And of course my family. Being an only child, I grew up being very close to my cousins so it’s hard to be so far away. But it makes visiting very special.
My favourite things to see/do in South Africa are the gorgeous wineries in Stellenbosch just out of Cape Town, (my favourite is Waterford Estate who do chocolate and wine pairings), shopping/café hopping in Braamfontein and 44 Stanley in Johannesburg, and Pretoria’s farmer’s market which is the best place to stock up on all the traditional Afrikaner food. And something you should definitely try to do if you’re in South Africa is to stay a couple of nights at Sun City followed by a visit to nearby Pilanesberg National Park to see the amazing wildlife.

Blogging {and life, actually} requires you to be vulnerable. Have you had any struggles with being vulnerable online? Do you have any tips to overcome this struggle?
I definitely struggle with how much to put out there. On the one hand I want to keep my blog a positive space but I certainly don’t want to create the false impression that that is what my life is like all the time. I haven’t quite figured out the balance for myself just yet but all I can recommend is to just do what you are comfortable with. And never ever apologise for being yourself.

Lychee and Cucumber Slushie

Lychee Cucumber Slushie
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  1. 1 cup coconut water
  2. 1/2 a cucumber
  3. 15 Lychees
  4. Fresh Mint, to taste
  5. 1 cup of ice
  1. Place all of the ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  1. Erika says you can add Rum. I tend to agree.
Adapted from Erika Rax
Adapted from Erika Rax
erin made this http://erinmadethis.com/

 Tell me everybody, what are you currently, reading, watching, listening to, eating and making?

15 thoughts on “Say Hello to Erika Rax + Make A Lychee Cucumber Slushie

  1. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Oh that slushie looks yum! Currently reading through the never ending blog roll, watching Danish crime dramas, listening to boom boom running music, eating malteaster bunnies (they just taste too good) and making slutty brownies. They’re so bad but so good!

  2. Nancy | Plus Ate Six

    Currently reading: Burial Rites {can’t recommend it enough}
    Watching: LA Millionaire Dollar Listings {Series 7 – shoot me now!}
    Listening to: audiobooks when I’m running
    Eating: chicken soup
    Drinking: Lemsips {it’s cold and I’ve got one}
    P.S. I’d go vodka over rum in that slushy 🙂

    1. erinmadethis Post author

      I am so into the audiobook podcast at the moment. The new music me thinks. Hope you’re feeling better! x

  3. Dannielle from Zamamabakes

    Oh my goodness yum! this slushy looks amazing, I’m thinking a little vodka in that mix would work a treat too!
    currently Reading: to the kids (even includes singing nursery rhymes, you should hear me!)
    Watching: Snippets of the tennis
    Listening to: The lion King sound track (influenced by the kids) and a little Eva Cassidy (she has such a beautiful voice)
    Eating: Loving a green smoothie with almond milk at the moment
    Making: birthday cakes this week

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