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Cook Republic Workshop

March 30, 2015

Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis-12


It’s not everyday you get to hang with one of your favourite Aussie food bloggers. And it’s definitely not everyday you’re hanging out to learn more about styling and taking photos of food. I did just that at the Cook Republic Workshop: a food photography and styling workshop by Sneh Roy of Cook Republic.

I’ve been keen to really develop my styling and photography skills this year. When Sneh’s workshop popped up, it was the right date and I booked immediately. Sneh told me I was the first to book. Um, keeno.

The day was full of hands on styling and shooting, completing mini tasks on our own and in groups. I’ve shared my favourite snaps below. My absolute favourite is the apples on the tree, don’t you just want to eat one?

Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis-2

Styling and shooting granola cups with delicious homemade granola

Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis-6

Sneh at work- styling and shooting Chinese vegetables on beautiful platters

Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis-4 Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis-8 Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis-9 Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis-10

Cook Republic Workshop - erinmadethis

The amazing cake made by Sally from Simmer and Boyle– she catered the whole day and the food was insane!

Tell me, what would be your ULTIMATE workshop?

16 thoughts on “Cook Republic Workshop

  1. Lisa Humphries

    WOW Erin your pics are stunning, Sneh is amazing isn’t she?
    Looks like such a beautiful workshop xx
    My ultimate workshop would be with a group of the biggest charity leaders in Aus. dreaming up collaborations for bloggers to make a difference together 🙂

    1. erinmadethis Post author

      Thank you Lisa! She is just so amazing! Wow what an awesome dream- it’ll happen one day! x

  2. Bec

    This!!! This would be. So jealous you were there, and you got to meet so many of my bloggy crushes hehe. I hope you had an amazing time – the images look stunning Erin 🙂 x

    1. erinmadethis Post author

      It mush have been somehthing about just being in Sneh’s home, the pics are my favourite I’ve taken! Sally is an absolute genius xx

  3. peregrinationgourmande

    You’re so lucky… I wanted to be there with you in that workshop. I love your pictures. And i love the fact that you show us a little bit off stage! Nice. Did you learn editing also in that workshop? xxx cathy

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