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Say Hello to Chantelle Ellem + Make Tim Tam Tarts

February 9, 2015

Two Tim Tam Tarts - erinmadethis-3

Welcome back to Say Hello. I hope you all read last month’s post with Erika Raxworthy? If not, you can do that here. Today I have Chantelle Ellem from Fat Mum Slim here for you. She’s the genius behind #fmsphotoaday and THE most generous and humble soul I have come across in this whole blogging biz.

I really resonated with the way she described the relationship between creativity and stress. Can I get an Amen? So sit back, have a read and be inspired. I also made her Tim Tam Tart and it is seriously a revelation. The recipe makes two. Um, Valentine’s Day?

Currently you are:
Reading: Red Magazine on my iPad
Watching: Yo Gabba Gabba {or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when no one is watching}
Listening to: The Unwind Radio Station on iTunes
Eating: I want to say salads but the truth is ice cream
Making: My floors sandy with all the sand we’re dragging in from the beach

Your email signature says you are a Blogger Type Person. Are you sometimes in disbelief that being a blogger is your job? Tell me a bit about how you came to be a Blogger Type Person.
Ha, anything else just sounded a bit wanker-y. Editor. Publisher. CEO. I see so many different titles from bloggers and the people who have them, fit them. But I just couldn’t pull it off. I’m a bit of a blogger, bit of a social media person and a bit of a community creator. Blogger Type person seemed… apt.
I started blogging when Lacey {now 6} was a tiny baby. I was super time poor, working full-time and taking her to work with me, plus I was getting about 2 hours sleep a night, but I craved something for myself. Blogging was super new, and I jumped on the bandwagon. At first it was just a private place for me to keep a weightloss journal {yawn} but instead turned into something else as I discovered more and more about blogging.

Do you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you thought of #fmsphotoaday? Did you ever think it would have been as successful as it is?
I don’t remember the moment I was dreaming up the concept, but I do remember the moment I set it free. I was slightly nervous and pretty certain I was going to be playing alone. And then, pleasantly surprised as I kept seeing the photo count on the hashtag rise and rise and rise. I had no idea at all that it would as successful as it was. I didn’t create it for the success, it was for the fun.

OK, be honest. How many photos do you actually take a day?
I used to take so so so so many, but now I feel so time poor I take about 30 a day. Let’s just say that my hard drive is groaning…

You made Zoe and Hamish Blake a Snickers Wedding Cake. If you can’t tell, I am jealous beyond words. What other couple would you like to make a Wedding cake for? And what type of cake do you think they would request?
I loved making Zoe and Hamish’s cake, because they’re awesome and because they went to a gazillion cake-makers, tried so many cakes and decided that no one could do it… but maybe I could. They loved Snickers and they wanted it to be just like a Snickers. So I tried and tested and made sure it had the flavours and the textures. But do you know what? I’m done with the wedding cake making. I can leave that to the professionals. It was pretty stressful. Not the insides, but the decorating. It was such a hot day, the icing melted off and I’m glad it made them happy but I think I’m done!

Some days I feel like I have all the ideas in the world, others I want to binge watch an entire TV series. Is this you too? What do you do when creativity strikes? And when it doesn’t? How do you nurture creativity?
When I’m stressed my creativity plummets and I fear it will never return. I was stressed a lot in 2014 and I felt like I was creatively drained. I think the juggling of a business {blogging and otherwise} and having two children was hard. But it doesn’t take long to find it again. I just need to get out, explore and notice how beautiful the world is. I live in a beautiful area, and it’s inspiring to be around, so a quick explore brings it all back again.
I’m going to be trying a few more creative pursuits in 2015, like painting and drawing and journaling for fun. I think I need an outlet that isn’t online. We’ll see how I go.

Blogging {and life, actually} requires you to be vulnerable. Have you had any struggles with being vulnerable online? Do you have any tips to overcome this struggle?
Oh gosh yes! When I look back on my early posts I wrote about anything and everything, because I felt like no one was reading. Now with more people reading, and more people willing to tell you what they think, I get paralysed with fear. It’s the posts that I move past the fear and set free that connect most with readers. I hope to be able to be braver. I just need to care less about the reactions of others.

You’ve been very open about the negative side of working online. When I read Veggie Mama’s post I wanted to cry. What have you learnt from this side of blogging that you will you teach Luella and Lacey.
Oh I most definitely cried. I didn’t even know she was writing about me, or taking that much notice about how much I was hurting. I don’t want to teach Lacey and Lulu how bad the big online world can be, I just want to teach my girls to be good people; to be accountable, thoughtful and kind online and off. The online world is going to be an essential part of their everyday lives, and I want them to know that they don’t take on another persona when they sit behind their computers. They should be themselves, kind and thoughtful and realise that real people are on the other side too.

It seems as though you’ve done it all, but there is always more. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
On an island, without the internet? I have no idea where I’ll be, but I do know my girls will be big and difficult teenagers then… so maybe I want to run away from it all for a while. In all honesty, the thing that truly excites me about working online is that it’s unpredictable. I never know what’s going to happen. I never would have dreamed I’d have an App, or travelled to far away places because of my blog, so I love that I have no idea where I’ll be in 10 years, that excites me.

Tell me everybody, what are you currently, reading, watching, listening to, eating and making?

Tim Tam Tarts
Serves 2
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 1 packet of Tim Tams
  2. 30g butter, melted
  3. 100mL cream
  4. 100g dark chocolate, chopped
  5. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  6. 1 egg yolk
  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Place the Tim Tams and butter in a food processor and whizz until a fine crumb forms.
  3. Divide the mix over two individual spring form tins and press over the base and up the sides then place in the fridge.
  4. Place the cream in a saucepan and heat until steaming.
  5. Add the chocolate and remove from the heat and allow to sit and melt.
  6. Whisk in the vanilla and egg yolk.
  7. Add the chocolate mix to the Tim Tam base and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. The filling will be jiggly but will set when cooled.
  8. Allow the tarts to cool and serve with berries and cream if you fancy!
Adapted from Fat Mum Slim
Adapted from Fat Mum Slim
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  1. Bec

    Chantelle is an inspiration and I think that’s pretty cool you got to chat to her! Lovely post, some important topics (I recently had a little burn out – I didn’t tough le blog for a week 🙁 Thanks for sharing Erin x

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