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Easy Chilli Chocolate Mousse

December 22, 2017


Thank you to Grounded Pleasures for sponsoring this post!

The presents are (half) wrapped! I’ve finally figured out how to watch Home Alone on my TV! I’ve made four batches of fudge! I think it’s safe to say: it’s Christmas! read more

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Prosecco + Peach Popsicles

January 3, 2017


I cannot adequately describe how much the alliteration in the title of this recipe THRILLS me. read more

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London Fog Popsicles

June 21, 2016

London Fog Popsicles | erin made this-3

It’s popsicle week! And once again I almost didn’t make the cut. I saw some murmurs from other bloggers getting their pops ready, and wondered where the email was! Junk? No. Email heaven? No.  read more

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Brown Sugar Pavlovas with Rosewater Cream and Figs

March 1, 2016

Brown Sugar Pavlovas with Rosewater Cream and Figs | erin made this-14A couple of weeks ago, while I was on playground duty, I spotted the biggest fig I have ever seen in my life. This thing was the size of a PEAR! Have you ever seen something like this before? The figs I have met are always small and dainty!

read more

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Chocolate Cake for Two

February 9, 2016

Chocolate Love Cake for Two-1

If you follow me on Instagram (you should do that if you don’t!), you might have seen I have started a ceramic adventure. read more

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Iced Vovo Doughnuts

January 20, 2016

Iced VoVo Doughnuts | erin made this-1

Hi! I’m back!  read more

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Cereal Milk Soft Serve

November 17, 2015

Cereal Milk Soft Serve-2I have a favour to ask. read more

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Pistachio and Lemon Curd Mini Cakes

November 10, 2015

Pistachio and Lemon Curd Mini Cakes-2

I’m a natural born procrastinator. When things need to be done, I like to find other things that don’t need to be done, and do them instead. read more

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Pumpkin Rye Waffles with Coconut Caramel

October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Rye Waffles with Coconut Caramel-13

Sara from Cake over Steak {the writer of a COOL food and illustration blog} is hosting possibly the best thing ever today: a #virtualpumpkinparty. read more