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A Square Cake

March 28, 2017

Everyone, please be upstanding for the square cake which is having a moment right now. 

A few weeks ago, I was so done with round cakes and got deep into questioning why square cakes don’t happen very often. Notoriously, square cakes are reserved for weddings in 1998 and are covered in diamantes. I was determined to change that perception.

What I found out is that basically square cakes are a bitch. The corners require approximately all of your time/love/tenderness to look remotely good. I am sure I could have found a tutorial on Pinterest for perfect edges but I had a gross amount of buttercream on my hands. 

If you’d still like to help make square cakes happen, here are my tips! They require about double the buttercream of a round cake of the same size. Also, the volume of a square cake tin is greater than a round tin of the same size. This means recipes won’t easily convert. As I mentioned above, those edges are painful so have some wine and a stainless steel cake scraper to square them off. Piping to cover any imperfections is also ideal.

I used this buttermilk chocolate cake recipe, which was fine in the square tin, just a little shorter than normal. I baked it over two tins. I then filled it with this salted caramel and frosted in my regular buttercream; 250g butter + 500g icing sugar. 

The piping inspo is from various internet places, but mainly Nectar + Stone and Alana Jones Mann and it was incredibly delicious eaten after my first time at karaoke for my best friends hen’s weekend!


8 thoughts on “A Square Cake

  1. Angela

    Yes I tried to make a square cake once and it really didn’t look very square by the end of it. There is someone I follow on instagram and she makes amazing square cakes – but you’re right, they are all for weddings!

    This is really great Erin, well done for persevering!

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  3. Erika

    ERIN. I just found your blog via iamafoodblog and I freaking LOVE IT. Your cake skills are A+++++mazing. Not to mention photography and styling because I’ve already stalked my way through like 5 of your posts. And you’re from Australia?!?! TOO COOL. Ever since my trip there last summer, I have become obsessseddddd. Okay. Love this. Excuse me while I go look at the rest of your entire blog kthx.


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